Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives

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A unique programme: it offers comparative perspectives from around the world to enable you to be part of the next generation of thinkers: studying and shaping philosophy for a globalised 21st century.

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typeregulier, 180 EC
start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur3 jaar voltijd
numerus fixusnee
Philosophy challenges you to question prejudices and to be open to different perspectives. This philosophy bachelor programme is unique in that it offers a cross-cultural dimension of comparative philosophy in which the world's thought traditions mutually inform and enrich one another. Studying the philosophies of India, East Asia, and the Arab world alongside those of the West will give you a global context for thought and make you the kind of professional that today's global world is simply crying out for.

Why study Philosopy: Global and Comparative Perspectives?
  • Unique in the Netherlands. Also one of only a few programmes in the world to feature thought patterns from India, East Asia, Europe and the Arab world, while all the while focusing on opportunities for interaction and comparison.
  • Taught in an internationally acclaimed academic environment.
  • Favours small tutorial groups that stimulate in-depth discussion and excellent skills training and mentoring by senior students and dedicated lecturers.
The Leiden Experience: Student City

Waarom aan de Universiteit Leiden?

Why study Philosopy: Global and Comparative Perspectives in Leiden?
  • Leiden is the only Dutch university, and one of only a few in the world, to offer a philosophy programme that combines Western perspectives with those of India, East Asia, and the Arab world.
  • It's taught in English and has a distinctly international flavour.
  • You'll have access to the Leiden University Library, with its world-famous collections of Asian manuscripts and materials.
  • You'll study with academics that are leade


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opbouwThe programme gradually prepares you for independent study and research. The first year focuses on study skills like reading, argument analysis, and writing short essays. The second year focuses on presentation skills, argument design, and advanced writing. In the third year you will be combining these skills in specialist seminars, with the bachelor's thesis as your final proof of competence.
1e jaar In the first year you'll focus on acquiring academic and communication skills like reading, argument analysis, and writing short essays You'll also learn how to think critically, analytically, and independently. There will be compulsory courses in subjects such as as Ethics, Arabic Philosophy, and Epistemology. After reading abstract texts, you will be asked to systematically process complex issues individually and in teams. This will help build up your resourcefulness and intercultural skills.
Research Seminar
Comparative Philosophy I: Classical Readings
5 EC
World Philosophies: Greek and Roman Antiquity
5 EC
World Philosophies: Modern Europe
5 EC
World Philosophies: China
5 EC
5 EC
Philosophy of Culture
5 EC
Academic Skills I (Philosophy)
5 EC
Comparative Philosophy II: Topics
5 EC
World Philosophies: Middle East
5 EC
World Philosophies: India
5 EC
5 EC
5 EC
2e jaar From the second year you begin to advance your skills and knowledge further; the flexibility of the programme enables you to begin to tailor your study. The first semester has six compulsory courses on subjects such as Chinese Philosophy and Concepts of Selfhood; the second semester you choose your optional studies, meaning you can take a minor or your choice of elective courses, study abroad, or do an internship. You can also spread these optional studies over two semesters, including the first
3e jaar In the third year you'll get plenty of opportunities to apply the skills you have acquired in five advanced philosophy courses of your own choice, three during the first semester and two during the second. Then to close of the final semester, as proof of competence you'll be expected to research and write your final bachelor's thesis, on a subject of your own choosing.


taal van onderwijs100% en
onderwijsopzet60% zelfstudie
40% theorie
case study, group discussion, group assignment, lecture, individual assignment, literature study, oral presentation, research, research project, research proposal, project, tutorial, working group, self study
instruction modes
As a student of Philosophy, you can expect a full working week of about 40 hours. Of this, an average of 20 hours will be spent in the classroom, attending lectures or tutorials, for example. The rest of these hours will be spent on independent study. Each lecture will be focused on a particular topic, and complemented by tutorials in which the material will be discussed in greater depth and with more student input, such as individual or group presentations, for example.
bindend studieadvies
  • minimaal 45 EC in de eerste 12 maanden

In the course of your first year you will be given regular advice on your progress. If you want to continue with your study programme in Leiden, you need to earn at least 45 out of the 60 study credits at the end of the first year. If you do not meet this criterium, you will not be able to carry on with your study in Leiden. In formulating this study advice, any relevant circumstances, such as sickness or other personal factors, will, of course, be taken into account.

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2021

aanmelding deadline : 1 mei 2021
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TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. For details, visit:

An equivalent of a Dutch pre-university education (VWO) diploma.

estimated monthly costs

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350kamerhuur in Leidenrond het landelijk gemiddelde
172collegegeldop basis van € 2060 per jaar
80studieboeken en -spullen
77uiterlijkkleding, kapper, schoenen
132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1218totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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49 eerstejaars gestart in 2017
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27713 studenten aan de Universiteit Leiden
59% daarvan is vrouw
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Symposion is the Study Association for all Philosophy students. Being a student is not only about reading books, attending lectures and writing essays. It is also important to get to know your fellow students who are dealing with the same academic theories. Symposion was established to enable students to reason and argue about such philosophical issues in an informal context. Symposion organises drinks, lectures and social or other philosophy related activities on a regular basis.
Symposion organiseert maandelijks borrels, lezingen en andere activiteiten. Deze vormen altijd een goede aansluiting op je studie en worden door studenten uit alle jaren bijgewoond. Op deze manier leer je zowel je jaargenoten als ouderejaarsstudenten kennen en haal je meer uit je studie.

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aan het woord: studenten en docenten

Lisanne Stoffer
Graduate Philosophy

You learn how to think in precise terms and formulate exactly what you want to say. For philosophers, an argumentation structure is almost a form of higher maths. But it sounds harder than it really is, because an argumentation structure that is well constructed gives you some firm guidelines
Jaap van Diggele
Graduate Philosophy

A philosophy background is really useful in dealing with other cultures. As well as clearly formulating your own opinions, you also learn to empathise with what the other person is thinking. You ignore prejudices or one-sided viewpoints. Because you see the differences between people so clearly, you reach agreements more easily and you're able to get on with working towards reaching a compromise.
Stephen Harris
University lecturer

A great feature of our programme is that it builds upon Leiden's strong tradition in political and continental philosophy by adding work from Asian and Islamic thinkers. Students can study the thought of the Buddha, Nāgārjuna, Confucius and Avicenna alongside Plato, Heidegger and Rawls. In my courses I draw upon classical and contemporary traditions around the globe to discuss a particular set of questions.


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1/11 Universiteit Leiden
Global and Comparative Perspectives
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100% Engelstalig
2/11 Universiteit Leiden
star Keuzegids topopleiding 2016  76
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60% Nederlandstalig
40% Engelstalig
3/11 Erasmus
star Keuzegids topopleiding 2016
Keuzegids topopleiding 2017
€ 342 gemiddelde kamerhuur
32 eerstejaars
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60% Nederlandstalig
40% Engelstalig
4/11 RUG
star Keuzegids topopleiding 2016
€ 303 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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75% Nederlandstalig
5/11 Radboud Universiteit
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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80% Nederlandstalig
20% Engelstalig
6/11 Radboud Universiteit
Philosophy, Politics and Society
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
73 eerstejaars
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? uur contacttijd/week
100% Engelstalig
7/11 UU
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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100% Nederlandstalig
8/11 Amsterdam UVA
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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9/11 Tilburg University
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100% Nederlandstalig
10/11 Amsterdam VU
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€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
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11/11 Amsterdam VU
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100% Engelstalig
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bron: Nationale Studenten Enquete
algemeen oordeel4.24.3
De Nationale Studenten Enquete is het grootschalige onderzoek van de overheid onder studenten in Nederland naar de kwaliteit van opleidingen aan hogescholen en universiteiten.
In 2017 hebben meer dan 280.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives aan de Universiteit Leiden is beoordeeld door 64 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.2 uit 5.

Na de studie

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Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

Career opportunities for our Philosophy graduates are very good, thanks to your strong academic competences, intercultural skills, and above all your training in approaching and processing complex ideas from a logical, science-based stance. Our graduates typically enter into professions such as: Teacher or researcher, policy advisor or consultant for governmental or NGOs, journalist, editor or publisher, communications consultant or cultural entrepreneur.
In 2016, the Humanities Career Service carried out a survey on the jobs and activities of the alumni of the Faculty of Humanities. The survey showed that alumni of Philosophy work primarily in the following areas:

  • 22% Education and research
  • 17% Business consultancy
  • 11% Culture
  • 6% Communication
  • 6% Non-profit (e.g. at an idealistic organisation)
  • 6% ICT
  • 5% Journalism
  • 5% Government and semi-government organisations
  • 22% Other

current job market
bron: arbeidsmonitor
€ 2110gemiddeld bruto maandloon
35%kans op een vaste baan
19%kans op een voltijd baan
43%kans op een baan op niveau
30%spreekt van "goede aansluiting arbeidsmarkt"
88%is tevreden over de studiekeuze

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Potentiële beroepen

communication consultant
cultural entrepreneur
editor or publisher
journalist or writer for newspapers and magazines
policy advisor or consultant for governments and ngos
teacher or researcher
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Coordinator Of Studies History MA

Coordinator Of Studies Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (BA)

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