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Anthropologists shed light on issues like racism, populism and climate change by studying them from close-up through the eyes of the people they study.


diplomaBSc Culturele Antropologie en Ontwikkelingssociologie
typeregulier, 180 EC
start1 september
taaldeels Nederlands
volledig Engels
opleidingsduur3 jaar voltijd
numerus fixusnee
What attracts people to populism? How do differences between rich and poor affect a neighbourhood? Why are people concerned about climate change, but do not change their behaviour to prevent it? Where do we stand today with racism, xenophobia and “white privilege”?

The more the world throws these kinds of questions at us, the less we seem to understand them. Anthropologists shed light on issues of this kind by studying them from close up. They are different from other scientists, because they look at the world through the eyes of the people they study – in many cases people and groups that the rest of society overlooks. Anthropologists make complex subjects human and accessible.

The Bachelor's programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU Amsterdam is ranked the best in the Netherlands, and it is the only English Bachelor's programme in Anthropology in the country.

Waarom aan de Amsterdam VU?

awardKeuzegids beste opleiding
2019, 2018
  • This is the only English Anthropology Bachelor's programme in the Netherlands.
  • Our Antropology Bachelor's programme is rated best in the Netherlands.
  • As part of an 'international classroom' you develop intercultural competences that prepare you for an international career.
  • Our international staff will connect you to our (international) network.
  • You will apply your anthropological knowledge and skills to global issues and from an international perspective.

Open dagen en meeloopdagen

VU Bachelordag Amsterdam
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Year 1 starts with an introduction to core concepts of anthropology, followed by immediately putting academic theory, research skills and methods into practice. In year 2 you deepen your knowledge on various anthropological key themes, such as development, migration, identity and political economy and combine anthropology with a multidisciplinary approach. The third year focuses on the anthropology theme you are passionate about. You will write a thesis based on your own ethnographic research.
This three-year international specialization of the Bachelor's programme in Anthropology expressly relates anthropology as a (social) science to modern-day societal challenges.

1e jaar Get acquainted with important themes, theories and concepts in anthropology, such as culture, ethnicity, nationalism, power, religion and inequality. You will learn how to do general research in the social sciences and study anthropological methods in particular. You will also master various techniques such as (open) interviewing, observing and ethnographic writing.
Ethnographic Monographs
Research Lab Anthropology
Academic Skills Anthropology
6 EC
Core Themes in Anthropology
6 EC
History and Theory Anthropology
6 EC
Social Research Methodology
6 EC
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
6 EC
Challenges of the 21st Century
6 EC
Ethnographic Research Methodology
6 EC
Sociology of Science
6 EC
2e jaar Deepen your knowledge of current themes, such as the anthropology of economics and politics, development anthropology, as well as diversity, religion and migration. You will take interdisciplinary courses with students from other Social Science programmes. In these interdisciplinary teams, you will work together on “wicked problems”: complex societal issues as, for instance, climate change. Year 2 includes two distinct research projects: on issues relating to large cities and organizations.
Urban Studies
Organizations and Anthropology
Development and Globalization
6 EC
Political and Economic Anthropology
6 EC
Identity, Diversity and Inclusion
6 EC
Nation and Migration
6 EC
Networks 1 or Diversity 1 or Globalization 1
6 EC
Philosophy of Science
6 EC
Global Region
6 EC
Network 2 or Diversity 2 or Globalization 2
6 EC
3e jaar Specialize further in the area of your own choice. You will take a minor, do an internship or study abroad during the first semester. In the second semester you will learn about digital anthropology, be part of a team doing a research project, and conclude with writing a bachelor thesis based on your own ethnographic research.
Bachelor Project Anthropology
Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
6 EC
Digital Anthropology
6 EC


taal van onderwijs40% nl
100% en
onderwijsopzet40% zelfstudie
40% theorie
20% praktijk
case studies, computer opdrachten, groepsdiscussie, groepsopdracht, hoorcollege, individuele opdracht, literatuurstudie, mondelinge presentatie, onderzoek, onderzoeksproject, onderzoeksvoorstel, portfolio, practicum, project, seminar, werkcollege, werkgroep, workshop, zelfstudie
Graduates are capable of applying theories, concepts and research methods from the discipline of anthropology to social phenomena relating to cultural diversity, societal complexity and/or international development issues and of translating them into practical applications. They are sensitive to the interaction between processes at local, national and global level.
The programme prepares students for a range of positions, including in policy and consultancy work in the fields of development cooperation, multicultural society and cultural diversity in organizations.

studeren in het buitenland
Studying abroad is optional:
minimum of 0 EC, maximum of 30 EC

Interested in spending six months studying in Italy, South Africa or Canada? You can make it happen! Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has partnerships with dozens of universities worldwide, making it possible for you to study abroad easily and affordably. Moreover, as an exchange student you may qualify for a scholarship or other form of financial assistance.
bindend studieadvies
  • minimaal 42 EC in de eerste 12 maanden

Toelating en kosten


1 september 2018

wettelijk tarief : € 2060 (€1030 in het eerste jaar)

1 september 2019

collegegeld nog niet bekend

You can register for the bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology before 1 May in Studielink. Then you participate in VU matching to check whether the chosen course really suits you. Your application is only fully completed once you have received confirmation from Studielink and paid the tuition fee before 31 August 2018.
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Inschatting maandelijkse studiekosten

bron: Nibud
424kamerhuur in Amsterdamboven landelijk gemiddelde
172collegegeldop basis van € 2060 per jaar
80studieboeken en -spullen
77uiterlijkkleding, kapper, schoenen
132vrije tijdstappen, uit eten, vakantie
42vervoernaast de OV-kaart

€ 1292totale maandelijkse uitgaven landelijk gemiddelde is € 1181
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Studenten en studentenleven


142 studenten volgen deze opleiding
75% daarvan is vrouw
39 eerstejaars gestart in 2016
69% daarvan is vrouw
22357 studenten aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
57% daarvan is vrouw
bron: StudieData

Op kamers in Amsterdam

115129studenten studerend
47168studenten woonachtig   
€ 424gemiddelde kamerprijs
kamer betaalbaarheid
21 m2gemiddelde kameroppervlak
kamer beschikbaarheid
bron: Nationale Studenten Enquête


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1/6 Amsterdam VU
Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4.4/5 studenttevredenheid
39 eerstejaars
69% vrouw
12-18 uur contacttijd/week
40% Nederlandstalig
100% Engelstalig
2/6 Amsterdam VU
Culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4.4/5 studenttevredenheid
39 eerstejaars
69% vrouw
12-18 uur contacttijd/week
30% Nederlandstalig
70% Engelstalig
3/6 Universiteit Leiden
Culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie
€ 350 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4.0/5 studenttevredenheid
82 eerstejaars
45% vrouw
6-12 uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
100% Engelstalig
4/6 Radboud Universiteit
Culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie
star Keuzegids beste opleiding 2017  1e
€ 315 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4/5 studenttevredenheid
33 eerstejaars
81% vrouw
12-18 uur contacttijd/week
90% Nederlandstalig
10% Engelstalig
5/6 UU
Culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie
€ 336 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4.2/5 studenttevredenheid
43 eerstejaars
88% vrouw
12-18 uur contacttijd/week
80% Nederlandstalig
20% Engelstalig
6/6 UvA
Culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie
€ 424 gemiddelde kamerhuur
4.2/5 studenttevredenheid
45 eerstejaars
82% vrouw
6-12 uur contacttijd/week
100% Nederlandstalig
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bron: Nationale Studenten Enquete 2017
algemeen oordeel4.44.2
De Nationale Studenten Enquete is het grootschalige onderzoek van de overheid onder studenten in Nederland naar de kwaliteit van opleidingen aan hogescholen en universiteiten.
In 2017 hebben meer dan 280.000 studenten hun oordeel gegeven over hun studie en instelling.

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is beoordeeld door 51 respondenten. Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.4 uit 5.
bron: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
student tevredenheid 4.4 4.2
aantal eerstejaars 35 80
ervaren contacttijd per week 12-18 12-18
doorstroom naar tweede jaar 69% 72%
diploma binnen 4 jaar 66% 82%
werk op niveau in 1,5 jaar

Studie in cijfers

In deze tabel staan resultaten van deze studie in cijfers uitgedrukt. Hiermee kan je vergelijken hoe deze opleiding het doet in vergelijking met dezelfde opleiding bij andere onderwijsinstellingen.

In het aantal eerstejaarsstudenten zijn ook premasterstudenten opgenomen.

Na de studie

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As an Anthropology graduate you can find employment as a researcher at a civil society organization, (culture) specialist in the public or private sector, journalist, policy advisor in local or national institutions, or as community manager. Or apply for one of our Master's programmes: www

Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

As an Anthropology graduate you can find employment as a researcher at a civil society organization, (culture) specialist in the public or private sector, journalist, policy advisor in local or national institutions, or as community manager.
huidige arbeidsmarkt
bron: arbeidsmonitor
€ 1906gemiddeld bruto maandloon
52%kans op een vaste baan
4%kans op een voltijd baan
35%kans op een baan op niveau
34%spreekt van "goede aansluiting arbeidsmarkt"
64%is tevreden over de studiekeuze

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Potentiële beroepen

policy officer
pr specialist
bron: StudieData


T: (020) 598 5000
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